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Looking for a scientifically formulated therapy that's natural and effective? Stop popping those fancy pills and pay Dr Anita Gupta a visit.

Providing food therapies planned according to your lifestyle, eating pattern and medical condition,

the clinic ensures that the treatment offered to you is in accordance to your body constitution or Prakriti.

The treatment helps detoxify your body and improve your metabolism aiding weight reduction or weight gain.

The methodical and natural approach reflects in the very first stage of any treatment. For instance,

during your first visit for weight reduction, your eating habits and medical history will be noted to judge the severity of your condition.

Based on this data, the clinic will prescribe an appropriate food plan along with certain plant extracts that suits your body prakruti.

The same approach is maintained in many other treatments such as hypertension management, diabetes management, cholesterol management,

menopause management, skin nutrition, hair nutrition, nutritional deficiency management etc.

Necessary pathological investigations and ECG are also conducted at the Clinic.