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The key advice for the Aries personality when it comes to diet and exercise is to “ slow down”. You tend to eat so fast that others think you have inhaled your food, or that it magically vanished from your plate.You always seem to be in a hurry and often neglect to eat properly.You benefit from a high protein diet and must avoid overindulging in sugars, starches and liquors.Try to include more leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and fruits as welll as spices such as ginger , garlic , mustard and mint in your eating plan.Fortunately, you are seldom over weight since your high energy level leads you into strenuous exercise. You enjoy individual activities. Jogging, dancing, swimming, sailing and golfing keep your figure in shape. But learn to take brakes. RELAX AND SLOW DOWN. When you are tired, you are prone to nervous tension and to physical injuries, especially to the head area.


Ah, Taurus, it appears as if you are always on a slimming diet. Instinctively, you like the best in foods and wines. Infact, you may well develop in to a true gourmet and a wine expert since many Taureans become world-class chefs. Unfortunately, it seems that you really don’t care for un cooked foods; but rich desserts and sauces always appeal to you. Since you often skip lunch to keep your figure trim, it is imperative that you have a well- balanced, substantial breakfast.The ultimate Taurean challenge is EXERCISE—you have a natural aversion to it. However, you do enjoy walking. If you will do enough walking at a reasonably rapid pace, you can help keep the pounds off.


Your inquisitive mind and unlimited physical energy seem to have you going in every direction.With all your activity, it is very important that you take time to eat----cigarettes and coffee simply don’t do. You need as many green leafy vegetables as you can consume, as well as fruits and milk.Vegetables are so favourable in the Gemini diet that, in fact, many Geminis become vegetarians. Especially beneficial foods are asparagus , green beans, celery, parsley, apricots, pineapples, oranges, peaches and plums. Almost every sport appeals to you. Skating, skiing, swimming, badminton and tennis fascinate you,and you will practice until you become perfect.Since you are constantly on the go, you seldom have a weight problem.But, at all times you must be on guard against accidents, as Geminis tend to be accident prone when nervous or tired.


Your gentle, gregarious, charming personality can become quite finicky when it comes to food, especially as you become older. The Cancerian love of luxury and elegant surroundings leads straight to the finest restaurants and best parties—and to excess pounds. Learn to skip the rich sauces and desserts, for your weight seems to be your lifetime challenge. You probably don’t care much for meat, but love fish and sea foods. Eat them broiled, baked, roasted, but not fried as you have an easily upset digestive system. And, dear Cancerians, it would be very beneficial if you would exercise. You tend to see sports as social gatherings, not for your personal health needs. Try yoga, aerobic dancing, bicycling or walking to help keep your figure trim.




Yes, Leo, you like the finer things in life; that includes the best in foods and champagnes, wines and liquors. While meats are part of your daily diet, you need them in small amounts only. Whole grains, eggs and nuts are beneficial in your eating plan, and fennel, dill, mint and onion stimulate your palate. Once out of childhood you will probably find it advantageous to set up a daily exercise routine. As you learn to discipline yourself, you will find that you enjoy the exercise and no longer feel guilty eating that haute cuisine. Leos enjoy team sports as they enjoy being surrounded by friends. So, if you find it difficult to work- out every day by yourself, try to join a dance class or health club. Swimming also appeals to you.


You might well be called the “ American Eater” for you select plain simple foods. Many people consider your diet bland and boring; but never mind, it works for you. You don’t like rich sauces and outrageous desserts and, indeed, they may make you ill. Virgos need less food than most other zodiac signs and overeating can have ill effects. While you are not very fond of vegetables, you will eat green salads. Simple broiled or roasted meats accompanied by a plain boiled potato, or a one dish meal of macaroni and cheese appeals to you. Since you are health conscious , you don’t mind exercising. You have no problem setting up a daily routine of exercises and then faithfully keeping to it. Virgos seem to have an innate understanding that the shape of their body is their individual responsibility.


Dear gentle Libra, you need harmony and companionship if you are to enjoy your meals. And you do enjoy the good life with haute cuisine and fine china. As you dislike exercise, it is necessary to limit your intake of sugars, starches and cocktails.Meat really doesn’t hold much appeal to you, so you usually order it cooked in wine or some other rich sauce or gravy. Try herbs and spices to enhance your meat dishes, instead of the fattening sauces. Fennel, dill, thyme, skullcap, cress and watercress are flavorful and help to keep the pounds off. Learn to hold your calorie intake down and force yourself to exercise. Since you don’t like to do things alone, join an aerobic dance class or try yoga.


Your eating habits appear to be totally unpredictable, and may confuse even your best friends. As a Scorpio you can eat and successfully digest, almost anything. Even the briefest mention of the diet annoys you, for weight doesn’t seem to be your problem. Meats , seafoods, vegetables and pastas hold equal appeal. Your only requirement is that the food should not be dull or bland. Spices inspire you whether they are hot Mexican peppers, savory Indian curries, fragrant Chinese Hunan sauces or Italian pepperoni. Scorpians tend to be loners with lots of physical energy. Since you possess a strong success determination, you practice any sport—be it jogging, handball, skiing or swimming---until you are proficient. No wonder, excess pounds are not a Scorpio problem.



The young Sagittarian is associated with the slim figure of one who loves the outdoors. Yet, advancing years , and an excess of good food, cause extra pounds to appear. Not only do you enjoy homemade foods, including picnics and barbecues, but you excel as a cook. Try to include vegetables, plus strawberries, apples, peaches, figs and other fruits in your diet, to help cut down on the calories. You really love all the sports, and probably lead the gang in starting activities. Once you have decided to set up an exercise routine, you will perfect it; and then you can teach it professionally---Sagittarians make excellent teachers.


Who prefers simple, all American fare, willingly eats vegetables, and avoids rich sauces and gravies? Capricorns. After all, isn’t the only purpose of eating to keep the body healthy? To a Capricorn it is. As a Capricorn, you are probably an intuitive eater. You allow your subconscious mind to suggest the foods your body really needs; thus, you seldom want lots of calories. You like meat in small quantities, lots of vegetables, potatoes and milk. Liquor can be your downfall and allow those extra pounds to pile up. You exercise for the same reason you eat -------to keep the body healthy. You know you look and feel better, so you don’t mind spending time everyday doing yoga, dancing, skating or even basic calisthenics, to satisfy your needs.


Aquarius, what you do to your daily diet can cause nutritionists to share their heads in disbelief. You are apt to eat almost anything, or nothing; and you are often thought of as a food faddist. You probably explore every new weight loss diet or high energy diet that comes along. Whether it is the latest rice diet, banana diet or think thin idea, you want to be the first to try it. Unlike, most people, however, it is usually unadvisable for Aquarians to eat salt free diets. In all cases, learn to curb your faddist enthusiasms. As for exercise--------if only you could get a little of that faddist enthusiasms here! You seldom like sports, though you like to be the best at whatever you do, so individual activities give you a chance to perfect your techniques. Yoga, skating, skiing, jogging, riding, even things like chopping wood, will allow you to burn up those excess calories and keep the figure trim.


As a Pisces, you dietary habits are many and varied. You may have an elaborate gourmet meal one day, and the next day skip meal altogether. You prefer seafood seasoned with herbs and spices. Little known herbs like irish moss, kelp and seaweed appeal to you, as do ginger, horseradish, pepper and hops. While you enjoy thick robust soups, neither meat nor milk hold much interest. Your biggest challenge? You overindulge in food and drink. You are enthusiastic about water sports, so join a swim or health club. Whatever you do, it is imperative that you set up an exercise program and stick to it if you are to maintain that lovely, feminine Pisces figure. Try ice-skating, canoeing and diving, too. Since you enjoy companionship look into aerobic dancing and exercise classes.